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Who We Are

SDG is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping drug addicts in a five-county area effectively transition to life without addiction.

We offer the only FREE Peer Recovery Coaching to our clients in Culpeper, Fauquier, Rappahannock, Madison and Orange counties and our services are solely funded through grants, donations and community support.

How We Work

Peer Recovery Coaching is a proven solutions-driven approach, and at SDG we are committed to reducing drug addiction and its effects and costs on those addicted, their families, and the community at large. 

By modeling replacement not abstention, we help clients find healthy replacements for their current addiction. We also help our clients find and access community resources that are available to help them transition back into a life of normalcy.

Want To Know More or Help

If your life has been impacted by drugs and/or alcohol, you understand the havoc and devastation that addiction brings. If not, consider yourself blessed and pray regularly for those whose lives are impacted. Prayer works. If you would like to be more involved either as a volunteer or through financial support, please contact us!    

Ignite the City Fall Festival Public · Hosted by His Village

Ignite The City Fall Festival

On November 3, 2018 SDG will participate in Ignite the City Fall Festival with His Village Church.  In collaboration with the Culpeper Police Department, His Village will be hosting its 6th annual Ignite the City Fall Festival at Yowell Meadow Park! This is a free community event that is focused on bringing people together with God’s love at the focus. There will be food, live music, games, and giveaways. This year we are raising awareness of some issues that are deeply impacting our teens such as addiction, depression, and suicide. We will be coming together as a community to share the good news that there is Hope! 

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This Ministry is only possible through your generous prayers and financial support. 

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