About SDG

Our Mission


The mission of Sex, Drugs, & God, Inc. is to build relationships and bonds of trust with addicts, giving them hope for recovery, through peer recovery coaching and support.

This allows us to demonstrate and exemplify the essential changes that need to be made in an addicts life to live out successful recovery. 

Our Advantage

SDG is the only Peer-to-Peer Recovery Coaching free to clients in Culpeper, Fauquier, Rappahannock, Madison, and Orange counties.  We are committed to providing hope and a clear path to freedom from addiction through Peer Recovery Coaching; a proven solutions-driven approach. 

Another key advantage is that SDG has the only Mobile Recovery Coaching Center in the region. Our MRCC allows us to carry our much-needed services to those struggling in addiction and/or recovery, who are not able to come to us. This comfortable mobile lounge with air conditioning, heat, coffee machine, refrigerator, and other great amenities, allows those in need, all the comforts of an office in there own neighborhood.

Our Challenge

Our work is funded entirely through grants, donations, and community support.   

Your support is critical, to help keep our kids, friends and neighbors alive.

About Sex, Drugs & God and it's Founder

Growing up being mentally and physically abused gave me “license” to start my own pattern of abuse from a young age. As an adolescent, bullying and petty theft led to more advanced forms of abuse as a teen and adult. Once drugs and alcohol entered my life, objectifying women and using them for pure sexual gratification, then discarding them like yesterday’s trash came easy.

It wasn’t until after 48 years of my life passed by, that I finally surrendered my will, to the will of God. Only through that surrender was I able to take responsibility for myself and begin becoming the man God intended for me to be.

Christ will never be fully finished with His work in me until I die. However, until that day, I will fully surrender each morning so that my progression in life never turns back. 

My name is Dan Obarski and I’m an alcoholic addict Child of God!

 My story isn't pretty, and by no means elegant, but it is what helps me relate to addicts and what has brought me to salvation. I hope it helps you!

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