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"Dan truly has a heart for people, for listening to their hearts and walking alongside them in their struggles. I look forward to seeing his ministry grow and help heal lives in our community!"

DF, Culpeper, Virginia

"Dan has been a great friend and resource for me during a difficult time. I am just beginning my recovery and I know I have a long hard journey ahead. Dan has been up front and honest about the challenges ahead of me. I know when I need an ear, he is there for me."

MH, Warrenton, Virginia

"I have been clean on and off for several years. I have a lot of demons I don’t understand. Dan didn’t judge me or tell me I was a bad guy. He just listened and supported me from the first time we talked. I still fight and try every day to stay clean and sober. Some days I win and some I don’t. But now I know there is something bigger than me, and Dan is always able to talk to me when I want. I am glad to know I am not alone and others have demons too."

JT, Culpeper, Virginia

"I look forward to each new day with the enthusiasm and wonder of a child. All of these things are possible because of the love, support, and encouragement of a few extraordinary individuals whose selfless resolve and clarity of purpose has filled my heart with inspiration and hope. One of these individuals is Dan Obarski, the founder of Sex, Drugs & God, Inc. (SDG) a non-profit dedicated to providing help and hope to those being consumed by the disease of addiction which is ravaging our community and robbing us of our loved ones every day. I encourage, no I beg, anyone suffering to contact him. People keep asking how I found this happiness I have been blessed with. A huge part of that answer is having a friend of Dan's caliber. He has been and continues to be instrumental in my growth process. I am posting this not only to acknowledge his amazing friendship and inspiration to myself, but also his hard work and dedication to our community. So, if any one of you reading this are hurting, know someone who is, or have suffered a loss due to this disease, please reach out to this incredible man. Dan - I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and inspiration you've brought to a man who was utterly lost at one time. You didn't make me get sober. You didn't tell me what to do. You didn't make me change. No, you've done something so much better and uplifting. You've helped show me new ways to reinvent myself. You have helped empower me, not enabled me. You've helped me find the man buried under the grief and anger who I thought was gone forever. You are my brother and I love you, man. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do."

RM, Culpeper, Virginia

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